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Course Name : Becoming a General Insurance Agent

Course: Becoming a General Insurance Agent
Course Number: 004
Time Estimate: 25 hrs

Description :
This course is designed for agents who want to renew their license. It deals with the appraising of general insurance panorama and the scope of general insurance in the near future.

This course brings out the need of general insurance in urban and rural sectors and the applications for economic development. It covers insurance laws in brief and explains the agency law with respect to remuneration and functions of a non-life insurance agent.

It lists and describes the various required documents such as proposal form, policy document, cover note, renewal notice and other insurance documents.

It deals with the various rating methods, basis of pricing, tariffs and market agreement. It further elaborates on the role of Tariff Advisory Committee.
It also covers the procedure of intimation, investigation and assessment, grievance redressal and formalities of post claim settlement.

This course covers general insurance in the changing economic scenario with respect to income opportunities, impact on social trend and investment portfolio. It further describes various economic reforms laid down by the government in the insurance industry.

It describes the various new policies offered by the insurance industry such as blanket insurance, tailor-made policies and health insurance. It further elaborates more on advanced selling techniques, setting of goals, relationship management, strength’s of an agent and economic growth. It discusses the potential of rural sector as a centre for growth of insurance industry and designing of marketing strategy for insurance products.

Topics Included

  • Appraising General Insurance Panorama
  • General Insurance in the Near Future

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