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Course Name : Becoming a Life Insurance Agent

Course: Becoming a Life Insurance Agent
Course Number: 001
Time Estimate: 50 hrs

Description : This course is designed for aspiring candidates wanting to become life insurance agents. It introduces the learner to insurance and its importance. It explains the insurance products for females, children and physically handicapped. This course not only explains premium calculation and surrender value calculation through illustrative examples but also explains different benefits such as the accident benefit, disability benefit and medical benefits.

Furthermore, this course defines an actuary and the role performed by him/her in the insurance business, explains underwriting and the role of an agent in underwriting.

It also covers group insurance schemes such as group annuity scheme, voluntary retirement scheme, group leave encashment scheme and group saving linked insurance scheme. It describes the role of insurance in rural and social sector. It elucidates various government programmes such as, integrated rural development programme and landless agricultural labourer group insurance scheme, for the development in rural sectors.

This course explains taxation in brief. It introduces the learner to financial planning, factors affecting the investment decision, types of investment and different approaches to investments. It explains the tax structure and tax benefits for insurance policies.

It defines an agent, functions of an agent and the authority of an agent. It describes the methods of remunerating an agent. It explains the procedure for becoming an agent, including the IRDA specifications for obtaining license, process of licensing and the code of conduct for an agent.

Topics Included

  • How the insurance market operates
  • Risk and insurance
  • Insurance principles and practices
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Basic life insurance products
  • Savings products
  • Other key financial products
  • Identifying client needs
  • The fact-find and financial planning
  • Good client practice
  • Claims
  • Legislation and client advice
  • Regulation and client advice
  • Customer protection
  • Ethics and code of conduct
  • Mastery Test
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