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Course Name : Becoming a Life Insurance Agent

Course: Becoming a Life Insurance Agent
Course Number: 003
Time Estimate: 25 hrs

Description : This course is designed for life insurance agents who want to renew their license. It deals with the appraising of life insurance panorama and the scope of life insurance in the near future.

This course describes life insurance as a social security tool and elucidates the role of life insurance in economic development. It elaborates on group insurance for organised and unorganised sectors. It also deals with the organisation structure of the insurer, distribution channel, insurance classification and bonus valuation.

This course also covers tax obligations and new age life insurance policies such as Keyman insurance, retirement plans, Unit linked plans, and term assurance. It describes data management, telephone etiquette, modern communication methods and professionalism as means of advanced selling techniques. It also deals with the marketing of life insurance products.

It elaborates on grooming personality through effective communication and positive mental attitude and use of information technology by insurance agents and insurance companies for effective marketing.

It deals with the national sample survey organisation report and role of insurance in rural sector.

It further elaborates on globalisation, bancassurance, impact of credit economy and transfer of risks.

Topics Included

  • Appraising Life Insurance Panorama
  • Insurance on the Horizon
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